St Joseph’s

Cowdenbeath Road, Burntisland, KY3 0LJ   01592 872207

Parish Priest:  Fr James G. Tracey

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Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ (Year B)


3rd June 2018



Services this week:



Saturday 2 June


5.00pm Vigil Mass


James Appleby



Sunday 3 June


10.00am Mass


John Cooney



Monday 4 June


No Mass or Service





Tuesday 5 June

(St Boniface)


7.00pm Mass


Special Intention



Wednesday 6 June


No Mass or Service





Thursday 7 June


9.30am Exposition

10.00am Mass



Special Intention



Friday 8 June

(Sacred Heart of Jesus)


10.00am Mass


Special Intention



Saturday 9 June

(St Columba)


10.00am Mass

5.00pm Vigil Mass


James Greig

Mary Gallacher



Sunday 10 June


10.00am Mass


Margaret McGrath


Confession: Tuesday 6.30pm and on request.


Thank you for your offerings last week: Offertory £450; Aged & Infirm Clergy Fund £555; Teas £75; Papers £10; Candles £395; Hall Donation £40; Plant and Bake Sale £290.  Attendance 195.  Money Counters this week: Team 3.


Teas/Coffee in the Church Hall after Sunday and Thursday Mass. All are welcome.

St Margaret’s Pilgrimage:  Today (Sunday) 3rd June. Pilgrims can visit the various historical sites associated with St Margaret from 11am. The procession of the relics through the Royal Burgh will take place just after 2pm with Holy Mass being offered at 3pm in St Margaret’s parish.


Day for Life 2018 – The Evil of Human Trafficking - Modern Slavery: Day for Life is a day dedicated to raising awareness about the meaning and value of human life at every stage and in every condition. Please take a prayer card which reflects on this year’s theme.


Thank You to those who organised and supported the Plant and Bake Sale, which raised £290 for parish funds.


200 Club: May Draw winners: £200 David McCue (15); £100 Noreen Kopocinski (67); £50 Adrian Hewson (159); £20 Kevin Bradshaw (166); £20 Mary Wishart (142); £20 Greg Bargeton (12).


Ordination of Andrew Marshall:

·       Presentation envelopes are available today – please return by Sunday 24th June at the very latest. Thank you.

·       There will be a bus for those wishing to attend, leaving at 5.15pm promptly on Thursday 28th June. Please add your name to the list in the porch.

·       Can you offer accommodation to a seminarian on the night of the Ordination? A number are travelling from down south and it would help them greatly. If you are able to do so, please let Fr James know.


Mary’s Meals – Raffle and Rags to Riches Clothing Collection: Mary’s Meals will be with us next weekend. You can help them  to feed more hungry children by supporting their raffle and recycling your unwanted clothing, towels, curtains, bedding (excluding pillows and duvets), blankets, handbags, shoes and belts. A van will collect items on the morning of Sunday 10th June.


Today’s Liturgy: Jesus faced the darkness of his last time by gathering his friends and sharing with them the gift of himself. After the resurrection they would gather to keep his memory alive, to hear again the stories that love remembered, to break the bread of life that would nourish them in their journey to the kingdom. Down the ages the Christian community has shared that memory as life. That is what we do today The Eucharist is not something we come to watch; rather, it is something we come to do. We gather as a consecrated people to do something together. In the action of the Mass we hold holy the memory of Jesus, we share the bread that is broken, we accept the cup that is held out to us. Week by week throughout the year we strengthen each other by our sharing and our faith, so that all our time is consecrated to the Lord. Until the fullness of the kingdom, when we hope to see the Lord face to face, this simple meal has to be enough for us.  (Fr Denis McBride CSsR)

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