St Joseph’s

Cowdenbeath Road, Burntisland, KY3 0LJ   01592 872207

Parish Priest:  Fr James G. Tracey

Email :    



Third Sunday of Easter (Year B)


15th April 2018




Services this week:



Saturday 14 April


5.00pm Vigil Mass


Cardinal Keith O’Brien



Sunday 15 April


10.00am Mass


People of the Parish



Monday 16 April


No Mass or Service




Tuesday 17 April


7.00pm Mass


Special Intention



Wednesday 18 April


10.00am Mass


Special Intention



Thursday 19 April


10.00am Mass


James McGovern



Friday 20 April


10.00am Mass


Fr Joe Portelli



Saturday 21 April


5.00pm Vigil Mass


People of the Parish



Sunday 22 April


10.00am Mass


Gerard Cooney



Confession: Tuesday 6.30pm and on request.


Please note that there is no Mass on Saturday morning.


Thank you for your offerings last week: Offertory £475; Building Fund £160; Teas £70; Papers £10; SCIAF Wee Boxes £835. Attendance 166.  Money Counters this week – Team 4.


Teas/Coffee in the Church Hall after Sunday and Thursday Mass. All are welcome.


SCIAF Wee Boxes should be returned as soon as possible. Thank you.

Next Sunday is World Day of Prayer for Vocations. There will be a collection for the Ecclesiastical Students’ Fund.


Month’s Mind Masses: Archbishop Cushley will celebrate a Month’s Mind Mass for Fr Joe Portelli in St Agatha’s, Methil, on Monday 16th April at 7pm, and for Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brien in St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh, on Thursday 19th April at 12.45pm. All welcome.


Andrew Marshall’s Ordination will be celebrated in St Andrew’s Cathedral, Dundee, on Thursday 28th June at 7.00pm.  There will be a bus for those wishing to attend, leaving at 5.15pm. If you would like to travel on the bus, please put your name on the list in the porch.


A big thank you to all who donated to SSVP St Patrick’s night celebration. The sum raised was £500.40.

Rosary on the Coast: Sunday 29th April, 3pm, praying for the renewal of the faith, a greater recognition in our culture of the sanctity of human life from conception until natural death, and finally for peace for our country and the world, in a time of great instability. Further details to follow.


Thank you from Kirkcaldy Foodbank: We, and those families and individuals helped by your donations are SO grateful that your congregation is willing to take the time to help in whatever way they can be it through donations of food, cash donations, donations through the website or facebook or by setting up standing orders.  EVERY donation is so very much appreciated and vital if we are to continue to tackle this crisis until other avenues can be found to ensure people do not find themselves in these critical situations. The ongoing need for foodbanks has meant that we are now a crucial support for those who are struggling in the Kirkcaldy area which makes your generous donation so important. We continue to be hopeful that this ‘problem’ will be redressed and solutions found for the root issues which have caused food poverty to increase.   Until then our volunteers will continue to support where they can with your invaluable donations. Easter blessings to you all.  With heartfelt thanks.


Today’s Liturgy: Jesus tells the disciples that ‘you are witnesses of these things’. Luke wants to establish an important point, that these disciples are witnesses to the resurrection, they ate with Jesus after his death and he opened their minds. The resurrection accounts in the gospels are not fantasy, they are the actual experiences of Jesus’ disciples. Our Easter faith is based on their testimony. Once Jesus has opened their minds to understand the scriptures, he tells them to go out and preach them in his name.





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