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Parish Priest:  Fr James G. Tracey

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Solemnity of Pentecost (Year B)


20th May 2018



Services this week:



Saturday 19 May


5.00pm Vigil Mass


People of the Parish



Sunday 20 May


10.00am Mass


James Docherty



Monday 21 May

(Mary, Mother of the Church)


No Mass or Service




Tuesday 22 May


7.00pm Mass


Maureen Divers



Wednesday 23 May


10.00am Mass


Maureen Fitzpatrick



Thursday 24 May


10.00am Communion Service




Friday 25 May


10.00am Mass


Evelyn Conroy



Saturday 26 May

(St Philip Neri)


10.00am Mass

5.00pm Vigil Mass


Elma Miller

People of the Parish



Sunday 27 May


10.00am Mass



Confession: Tuesday 6.30pm and on request.


Thank you for your offerings last week: Offertory £555; Communications Sunday £365; Teas £65; Hall donation £20. Attendance 191. Money Counters this week: Team 1.


Teas/Coffee in the Church Hall after Sunday and Thursday Mass. All are welcome.


Please note there is no Mass on Thursday, but there will be a Communion Service, followed by tea/coffee in the hall.


Plant and Bake Sale: A small selection of plants and home baking will be on sale after mass on Sunday 27th May. Donations of cakes & surplus plants would be most welcome.


Knights of St Columba: Kingdom of Fife Council are having a fund raising Quiz Night (for local parishes organising youth pilgrimages to Lourdes) at St Pius X Hall, Kirkcaldy on Friday 18th May 7.00pm. £5.00 per person, a buffet and refreshments is provided, bring your own bottle if you wish.


Christian Aid Coffee Morning: Saturday 26th May, 10am to 12 noon, Parish Church Halls.


Coffee Morning: St Columba’s Church, Aberdour, are holding a Coffee Morning in St Fillan’s Hall, Aberdour, on Saturday 26th May at 10.00am.


The Ordination of Andrew Marshall will be celebrated in St Andrew’s Cathedral, Dundee, on Thursday 28th June at 7.00pm.  There will be a bus for those wishing to attend, leaving at 5.15pm. If you would like to travel on the bus, please put your name on the list in the porch.


New Dawn Catholic Pilgrimage Conference 2nd-6th July:  Please see the Notice Board for further details.


Today’s Liturgy: Have you seen the film The Greatest Showman that came out earlier this year? Its soundtrack boasts a number of musical gems, from fun, catchy numbers to more rousing and powerful ballads. I was struck by a video I saw online of a read-through session before filming began. The film’s star, Hugh Jackman, had recently had surgery on his nose and was under strict medical orders not to sing. So instead, the director instructs him to stand in the right place, and act and gesticulate at all the appropriate moments. However, during the final song, he can’t stand it anymore. The music seems to take hold of him, and he bursts into song. The atmosphere in the room changes immediately, with musicians and singers joyfully joining in. It’s a powerful moment, and the video is well worth a watch. The name of the song is ‘From Now On’, and in the film it marks a major transformation for Jackman’s character, when the scales fall from his eyes and he sees clearly the changes he needs to make to live a better life.

     I like to think that magical moments such as this capture something of what the apostles must have experienced at Pentecost. The powerful wind, the tongues of fire, the palpable and overwhelming presence of God stir something in the apostles. Filled with the Holy Spirit, they are unable to hold in their joy and enthusiasm. How are we moved by the Spirit?

                                                                             (Reflection by Triona Doherty)

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