St Joseph’s

Cowdenbeath Road, Burntisland, KY3 0LJ   01592 872207

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Parish Priest:  Fr James G. Tracey


Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (Year A)

26th November 2017



Services this week:


Saturday 25 November


5.00pm Vigil Mass


Susan Doyle


Sunday 26 November


10.00am Mass


Robert Freedman


Monday 27 November


No Mass/Service



Tuesday 28 November


7.00pm Mass


Nathalie Ip


Wednesday 29 November


10.00am Mass               


Manus Forisky


Thursday 30 November

(Solemnity of St Andrew)


9.30am Adoration

10.00am Mass


Deceased Members – Carabine Family


Friday 1 December


10.00am Mass


Rev John Allan


Saturday 2 December


10.00am Mass


5.00pm Vigil Mass

Deceased Members – Daly Family

People of the Parish


Sunday 3 December


10.00am Mass


Norah Fitzpatrick



Thank you for your offerings last week: Offertory £350; Building Fund £150; Teas £145; Papers £5; Stall £300; Donation £30  Total Banked:  £980.  Attendance:  177


Confessions: Tuesday 6.30pm and on request.


Teas/Coffee in the Church Hall after Thursday Mass and Sunday 10.00am Mass. All are welcome.


Mission Appeal: Welcome to Sr Eleanor and Sr Francesca of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, who are here to make the annual mission appeal. We look forward to hearing about the work of the Sisters. Please give with your usual generosity.


Next Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent.


Preparation for the Sacraments will begin shortly after Christmas. At the moment I would like to identify who the candidates are, and so would ask parents of any eligible children to contact me so that I can get some details. First Confession is normally celebrated for children in Primary 3 and Holy Communion for children in Primary 4.


Refugees – a poem by brian bilston

They have no need of our help
So do not tell me
These haggard faces could belong to you or me
Should life have dealt a different hand
We need to see them for who they really are
Chancers and scroungers
Layabouts and loungers
With bombs up their sleeves
Cut-throats and thieves
They are not
Welcome here
We should make them
Go back to where they came from
They cannot
Share our food

Share our homes
Share our countries
Instead let us
Build a wall to keep them out
It is not okay to say
These are people just like us
A place should only belong to those who are born there
Do not be so stupid to think that
The world can be looked at another way

(now read from bottom to top)



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